Spicy Cauliflower Steaks

Face it, steamed cauliflower is boring.Even cauliflower in cheese sauce can get old soon. Inspired by nutritionist and author Jessica Sepel’s Curried Cauliflower recipe,I created this Spicy Cauliflower Steaks recipe. Using full flavoured coconut oil added something extra to this simple recipe but you can use odourless if you prefer.  I like to add this spicy cauliflower to my wraps. You can serve it as a side dish or add to a roasted vegetable salad or even on it’s own.

Spicy Cauliflower Steaks

1 cauliflower head,cut into thick steaks

1/2 tsp tumeric

1tsp mixed masala (medium)

Coconut oil,melted

Himalayan Salt,to taste


1. Pre heat oven to 180c

2.Place the cut cauliflower on roasting pan lined with parchment paper.

3.Sprinkle cauliflower with salt.

4.Add the spices to the melted coconut oil.

5. Drizzle oil over the cauliflower and toss to coat it well.

6. Bake for 20-25 min until tender and golden.Serve hot or cold.




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