The Immune System: Your Inner Army

As the seasons shift to cold weather we hear a lot about ‘boosting’ the immune system to ward off colds and flu. The immune system is one of the hardest working systems in our bodies that ensures we are healthy enough to enjoy life. It can be likened to an army that protects the body against infectious invaders.

But what really is the Immune system? What does it do? How can we support it to ensure if functions optimally?

Your Immune Army

The immune system is a network of special cells, tissues and organs that work together to provide our bodies with defense against infections and foreign invaders.

Tonsils and the thymus make antibodies that tackle invaders and stop infection.

Lymph Nodes store immune cells that fight infection .Lymph Vessels transports lymph fluids, nutrients and waste between the body tissues and the bloodstream.

Bone marrow produces red and white blood cells that fight infection

The spleen filters the blood and removes old blood and, because it is rich in white blood cells, it destroys bacteria and foreign substances.

And lastly, one of the most important cells of the immune system are white blood cells which can be found circulating all over the body keeping watch for germs or substances that might attack the body.

Needless to say, this is one system we need to ensure is in tip top condition if we are to remain healthy.

Germs: Friends or Foe?

The mere mention of ‘germs’ freak a lot of people out. In fact we have done such a splendid job killing germs to a point where the immune system is left idle so it starts looking elsewhere to practice fighting. This is not good.  Some germ exposure is good. It trains our immune system so we do not get sick at every turn. So it might help us to ease off those anti-bacterial soaps ,sprays and even antibiotics which may also kill the good bacteria.

Boosting your Immunity

Avoid the following Immune Depressors:

  1. Sugar
  2. Fatty Food
  3. Alcohol
  4. Smoking
  5. Negative Stress
  6. Late Nights

Take the following Immune Boosting steps to decrease chances of getting ill and speed up recovery

  1. Exercise
  2. Consume more healthy food
  3. Switch to more nourishing drinks
  4. Increase your water intake
  5. Spend time outdoors and get Vitamin D and fresh air.
  6. Remember to wash your hands regularly
  7. Make time to rest.

These simple actions will go a long way in boosting your immunity and upping your feel good factor.Next we will talk about how you can fight reduced immunity with herbs and nutrition. Stay tuned.

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