Easy steps to freezing seasonal berries

Who needs sweets when we have an abundance of sweet and juicy berries?

But as with all good things which supposedly do not last( I do not buy into that),berries go out out season just as we start to really enjoy them.So this year I decided I will start  freezing them much earlier than other years so that I do not find myself having to buy them ridiculousy expensive off season.

You can do that too,it’s quite easy.The only investment required on your part is time and  freezer bags,I love the ones from Ziploc.

Follow these easy steps and you will have an abundance of berries throughout the year.You can freeze most fruits the same way too.

Step 1 :Pick

Select fresh and firm berries.If possible,buy organic.There are strawberry farms where you can go pick your own too.Kids,young and old love this. 

Step 2 :Wash

Take time to wash your berries.Our food is unfortunately exposed to a maltitude of pesticides,and as much as retailers want us to believe that these are safe for us, the recent surge of cancers and other inflammatory diseases say otherwise.

To wash my berries I soak them for 15 minutes in a solution of lemon juice and water.(I normally wash fruits and vegetables in a salt and vinegar solution but berries absorb flavours very easily and I definately do not want vinegar tasting berries).

Step 3:Dry

Take them out and gently pat dry with a kitchen towel or lay them on a tray to dry.I usually do not have time to wait,so pat drying is my go to method.

Step 4 :Pack

Leave space in between to prevent clumping

Pack them loosely in a freezer bag(I prefer using a resealable bag.It makes it easy for me to use any quantity I need at any given time).Ensure there is enough space in between so there is no clumping which can affect the texture of your end product.

Step 5: Freeze

Pack flat inside the freezer.And just like that,you have your own stash to last you thorough out the off season.

Frozen berries can be kept in the freezer up to 12 months.But you can also keep an eye on them,it is pretty easy to spot if anything goes wrong.

Try doing this,I will love to see and hear about your experience.



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