Favourite winter drinks

Favourite winter drink 2

Hot water with lemon with a twist.

Most of us know of the benefits of drinking hot water with lemon first thing in the morning.I decided to pimp my daily dose with a teaspoon of tumeric powder. Yes the yellow stuff we put in curries has amazing health benefits.

Cumin has a compound called Curcumin which has powerfulI anti-inflamatory properties.During winter months I suffer from joint pain which the doctor diagnosed as Rheumatoid Athritis and wanted to put me on chronic medication.This winter I made this my go to drink and I have not had a single flare up.

How I make mine is pretty simple


Juice of 1/2 lemon

1cup hot water(filtered if possible)

1 teaspoon Tumeric powder(Non GMO and not Irradiated)

A pinch of black pepper

Raw honey(optional)

Mix all ingredients in a cup and enjoy.

Tip:I add a sprinkling of pepper to the drink to assist with the absorption of curcumin.

As a side note;when I feel the sniffles of the cold,I add a thumb of grated ginger,a sprinking of cayenne pepper and honey and enjoy this as a flu fighting hot toddy.


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