Monday Motivation:Finding My Balance


I’ll be working on finding my balance which seems to have escaped me in the past few weeks.Do you have any tips for me? Please share,I need help.

The last few weeks have been too hectic,pulling me in all directions(actually it was to the direction of my books) and I was left feeling like I was neglecting the other parts of my life that also need my time.

My current schedule includes morning meditation, life coaching consultations,blogging,exercise,studying and spiritual activities(all this on top of being a mother and wife).But all good schedules are nothing without a follow through and balancing all this is proving to be a huge challenge for me.

So starting today my plan is to get back to my weekly schedule and be a stickler for routine again because if I don’t,I will be consumed by my studies and the other important stuff,like growing my life coaching practice,will fall away.And of course this will lead to much unhappiness and dissatisfaction and,and…not a pretty picture in the end.

So please help a sister out,I look forward to your suggestions.

What you will be working on this week?



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