4 Irresistible Mediterranean Wrap Recipes

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Wraps: Easy to make and practical to eat. Why not try these simple yet healthy mediterranean wrap recipes to bring them as your pack lunch one day?

The concept of wraps largely comes from Mexican, Greek, Turkish, and Kurdish cultures who have been preparing wrap-like meals since the early 20th century. Nowadays, it is quite often used as an alternative to the usual sandwich. Like sandwiches, you can use all sorts of ingredients in a wrap.

But of course, many health bars these days like to market wraps as a health food. Frankly, it has nothing to do with the wraps but more to do with what goes in it. And to ensure that they are healthy yet yummy to suit your taste, here are a few recipes for you to try at home.

Why mediterranean? Because this is known as a healthy diet to follow since it incorporates the…

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