Autumn Equinox,March 20

Autumn colours starting to emerge

My favourite season is upon us and I can hardly wait for the cooler weather,the beautiful rusty orange colours in the trees and the long nights.

Facebook reminded me earlier that today is effectively the first day of Autumn.It’s a time when we seem to start to bury our heads in work,get down and dirty implementing the plans that we laid out at the beginnig of the year  and to take stock of the the damage done by summer on our skin,our bodies and sometimes our minds.

Did I already say I really,really love Autumn?Ok,I’ll say it again-I LOVE AUTUMN💛

We can start dressing up again,layering on beautiful textures,putting on deep hued make-up,the dark lippy being the current top trend.Oh,the possibilities are endless.

Our food choices also start to change a bit.We seem to crave less of crispy salads and icy cocktails as we start to look for heavier foods to build fatty stores for winter and creamier drinks to warm us up.It’s also the season we start slacking with our gym/exercise routine.But what we do and eat  in Autumn can set a trend for winter and that is where we need to stay on top of things.

I’ll be soaking up the last bit of sun as I enjoy the cooler days too by spending as much time outdoors as possible.Going on hikes is at the top of my list.Also I am going to try to take as many pictures as possible to record this change. Earlier today as I was sitting outside  enjoying the morning sun,I saw the leaves falling.I marvelled at the precise timing of God’s creation.Everything in it’s set time indeed.




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