All Hail the Great Pomegranate!

In my opinion, pomegranates are the royalty of fruits. There I said it.Fig people can sit down.

There is something regal yet seductive about the glossy ruby seeds, the full and round bright fruit and their tiny ears that invite you to come just a little bit closer for a little indulgence.

As much as I love pomegranates I have found them to be expensive, so you can imagine my joy when I found them at R20 each at the Bryanston Organic Market. My little heart did cartwheels as I shamelessly filled my basket. I could not wait to get home and get down and dirty (literally) with them. I was not disappointed. In a matter of minutes I was in fruit heaven.

Of course there is more to this exotic fruit than good looks and orgasmic promises. Here is what I discovered:


Some people believe pomegranates are as old as the Garden of Eden

Pomegranate farming has only just recently taken off in South Africa

They are harvested in Feb-April (the reason why I found them at that price)

The edible parts of the pomegranate is called the arils, what you and I call seeds or rubies if we want to be fancy.

Granted, pomegranates are messy to eat but oooh, the sweet, juicy and healthy reward is worth the effort. Pomegranates are nutrient powerhouses which may assist with a variety of ailments. Most of the credit goes to a powerful antioxidant called punicalagin in edible parts of the pomegranates. In natural medicine the whole fruit is used for medicinal purposes. The peel is said to be good for the heart and heart vessels while the white can heal wounds and ulcers of the mouth and throat and can also stop diarrhoea.

Health Benefits

High amount of antioxidants to fight off free radicals which damage healthy cells causing diseases like cancer, diabetes etc.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Ability to stop growth of cancer cells especially prostrate and breast cancer.

May lower blood pressure

May help reduce arthritic and joint pain

Has antifungal and antibacterial properties

In animal tests it has shown ability to improve memory and can help fight Alzheimer’s

Honestly for me the best way enjoy pomegranates is scooping them out with a spoon and enjoying them direct and that’s how I’ve been doing it (I have messy t-shirts to prove it) until I discovered a seemingly simpler way on YouTube. I tried it without using the water bowl and it worked perfectly for me, especially because mine was more juicy and I did not want to lose the wholesome nectar.

In my effort not to be a total glutton and pig out on ‘pomes’ all by myself, I tried this recipe  from the domestic goddess herself Martha Stewart so my family could also enjoy some. They got to share 1 while I had all 5.They loved it so much they even had it for lunch the following day.

pomegranate salad
My version of the Pomegranate Salad inspired by Martha Stewart


Do you like pomegranates? What’s your favourite way of eating them?








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