Hello,my name is Lindi

About Me


I am a human who aims to inspire other humans to feel, look and be the best they can be. I do this primarily through my work as a life and nutrition coach, and through my other skills and talents. I am also a mother of 2 young adults and a wife to an almost perfect man.

Outside the wellness world I love spending time in the outdoors, checking out joints that serve food cooked  with the freshest ingredients, painting,fashion and, dancing. I will be sharing these loves and more in this blog and look forward to also getting to know more about you.

My Mission

To help others build a healthy relationship with food and achieve optimum health through simple, clear nutrition education based on eating real food.

My Nutrition Philosophy

I call myself a NUTRIVORE (def.: “someone who eats nutrient dense food.” Urban dictionary). I am passionate about eating real food that has been farmed sustainably and organically.

My nutrition philosophy is based on these basic principles.

  1. Eating for health

First and foremost I am a nutrition educator. My role is to provide information that assists in making healthy food choices without being prescriptive and restrictive. I am not for scale watching and numbers. My priority is to eat for health and nourishment and in doing so I find that weight loss happens organically.

2.Eating real food

If it is not found in nature, it has no place in my body. With this in mind I use food in it’s most natural form as much as possible. If I can’t spell or pronounce it, I don’t eat it. Simple.

3.Listening to my body

Our bodies are wired for self-preservation, it is up to us to listen. We have a tendency to ignore the signals our bodies give us to our peril. So I eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. I drink when I am thirsty and, when I am tired, I rest.

4.Mindful eating

Eating mindfully means focusing, savouring and fully experiencing meals. Mealtimes are not for multitasking. This means consciously shutting everything out and giving full attention to eating. Mindful eating also extends to what, how and where I buy what I consume.

5.Everything in moderation

This is more my life philosophy than just a nutrition philosophy but it applies. I eat what I crave in small portions if it is empty calories,because life is too short not to eat cake. Whether it’s eating, drinking, working, playing, exercising or whatever I do, there has to be balance.

life is about balance

These are the principles that guide the information I share during  1-on-1 consultations, group workshops and presentations, this blog and other social media platforms.

Please share what nutrition and diet topics you would like to explore, I’d love to hear them.If you need help and support reaching your diet goals or how to make changes to  healthy lifestyle for you, your family or your workplace, get it touch and I will help you in your journey.

Let’s connect


twitter @lindismisoM








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