My Mr Perfect

Today is my 21st wedding anniversary!

How amazing it is that on this first blog I write about my favourite person,my best friend,my lover,the father of my children and my husband,Sihle.

We often get asked how we met and we quite never know how to answer that because our relationship was organic.Our families hd been friends forever and we bumped into each other time and again but really had no interaction.He was my best friend’s uncle, being older we hardly ever talked.Being a late child meant he spent a lot of time with his nieces and nephews who were a few years younger than him(just for clarity-he is 4 years older than me 😊)

I was surprised when he asked me out but said yes none the less.It never occurred to me that our meeting will be about me,but it was.After months of chasing,we finally started dating. It was two years later that we got married on the 25th June 1994.I had always wanted a winter wedding and I got a perfect one.

Fast forward to 21 years later and we are still happily married.I will not lie and say it has been plain sailing. What I will say is that with every storm we have encountered,I come out loving my husband more.

He is the most gentle soul I know.I alwys joke that being a late child,he was made especially for me.In all our years together he has always treated me with complete love and respect.He has showered me with small and big gifts,the biggest being our 2 children. He has been and continues to be a gentle father and friend to our teenage children.

Yes he has his mistakes and he is not perfect but he is my Mr Perfect.He has stood by me through my own personal crises, some which he did not even understand.He was there when I suffered anxiety attacks after being mugged and robbed of my wedding rings 9 months after we got married.When I refused to go back to that school where I taught,he quietly carried the financial load without forcing me back to work.

He was there when we thought I was pregnant but the doctor said it was not a pregnancy and they had to do an emergency DNC.We both did not understand what was going in but we held on to each other and he assures me all will be well,and it was later on when we had our children.

I could write a book about my beautiful husband.Inside there will be a chapter dedicated to his humility when working with my family,his sensitivity and compassion when dealing with women of all ages and his devotion to his mother.It would tell of the many gentlemanly ways he interacts with my friends,his mild spirit when he helps others spiritually in the congregation and the utter humility he trearts every person he comes into contact with.

A big chunk will cover how in the last six months he has been my pillar of strength and my beacon as we are fighting for my life.How he stopped wearing perfume because of the nausea caused by chemotherapy(if you knew my husband,you will knkw this isa BIG deal).It will tell of how he just held me when chemotherapy had taken all my strength and left a shell or of the times he held the toilet sit up for me while I was spilling my guts and when he just rubbed my back because that was the only thing he could do to make me feel better.

There are no words deep enough to cover the depth and width of my gratitude that he chose me for his wife.



2 thoughts on “My Mr Perfect

  1. Hi Lindy I was reading the true story about Sihle your husband and I fully agree he is Mr Perfect. He is a true follower of Jesus, you know what I mean, sengathi u Jehovah angaqhubeka enisekela. Love you and your family a lot.


  2. You one phenouminal,powerful strong lady wishing you many more years to come and may God keep blessing u and your family sis lindy I’m so blessed to know you in person and the strong woman u have become just completes it all. Hope you and daddy no1 have a wonderful day send my love to my kids I love and miss you all


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